Welcome to my website and a window into my professional world. I am a psychologist with a private practice in Jerusalem, Israel, offering services in English to children, adolescents and adults. Psychologists are mental health professionals with advanced training and expertise in assisting people through life’s many challenges, including sources of discomfort and angst such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, family and work conflicts, relationship problems, and the inner pain due to abuse, low self-worth, and general stress. 

My work is based on the belief that the root of health and wellness lies within healthy relationships, a strong sense of belonging and feeling of human connectedness, and an awareness of the mind-body connection. I believe that symptoms usually reflect an underlying psychological conflict and so my focus is on helping you gain an understanding of that conflict and through doing so, alleviate your distress. 

My approach to psychotherapy, although largely informed by insight-oriented and psychodynamic models, also draws upon aspects of cognitive-behavioral models, and relaxation work. I utilize a strength-based approach when examining how one perceives and interprets life events, the meaning those events represent, and the extent to which they exist outside of consciousness. I aim to create an empathic therapeutic environment optimal for us to explore your life and for you to develop fully, allowing you to achieve a sense of clarity, awareness, and the motivation to live a healthy, productive life. I focus not on what limits you, but on your uniqueness, your brilliance and potential. I have an unwavering hope in the human spirit's ability to overcome even seemingly insurmountable ailments and believe the desire to create forward-movement, and restore balance in one’s life, is innate.

Dr. Rashkin-Shoot