Parent-Child Psychotherapy:

  For some children and particularly children under age eight, parent-child psychotherapy may be necessary and more effective than seeing a child individually. Parent-child psychotherapy entails meeting with both the child and parent together and discussing problems, creating goals, and facilitating a healthy and healing parent/child relationship. Before seeing children of any age, I typically meet with the parent, alone, to gather a thorough assessment which includes a child’s full history beginning with the prenatal period and ending with a child’s current problems and level of functioning. Communication with a child’s teacher or other school administrators may be necessary, as well as other doctors or professionals involved in the child's treatment.

*In addition to the above, I am available to lead parenting workshops, consultation via phone or email with other professionals working with children in a range of educational, medical, and therapeutic settings, or on-site consulting. I am not administering psychological, neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluations to children and adolescents at this time, but am available to consult with other diagnosticians regarding test results and interpretation.